What Is LikesASAP.com?

This site will help you to increase your fans or earn money ASAP.
Note: We are no longer accept Paypal/Payza as a payment method or payout method sorry for the inconvenience.

How it works?

  • Get Free FaceBook Likes, Comments and Photo Likes with this Simple and Fast system.
  • Get Free LIKES for All of your Posts on Facebook.
  • Get FaceBook Votes for your contests, Get People Answer your Questions on FaceBook.
  • Get Free Wall-Posts on your FaceBook Pages.
  • Get get Free YouTube Views, Likes, Dis-likes, Comments, Favorites and Subscribers for your videos.
  • Get get Free Google Plus hits for your sites.
  • Get get Free Twitter Followers for your account.
  • Get get Free Instagram Followers and likes.
  • Get get Free Websites Hits and have more real visitors.
  • Have RSS feed? Add now and get all products/posts updated daily with NO effort.
  • We detect and prevent Un-Like and Un-Plus actions, so LikesASAP always Clean!

In Two Words: LikesASAP.com is what you are looking for!

How it Works?

This is an exchanging network where people share Facebook Likes, View YouTube videos, provide Google-Plus or Visit Websites. In return they get points. These points can be used to get additional fans or convert points to money for cashout.


  • Get 75 Points daily bonus per 15 clicks.
  • Get 175 Points daily bonus per 100 clicks.
  • 50 Points signup bonus, and 50 Points per referral bonus!
  • Get 10% Points of each referral bonus!
  • Easy Facebook likes/shares/Photo likes/Post likes/Votes/Comments/...etc.
  • Easy Google Plus+ exchanger with Un-Plus Detector.
  • Easy Twitter followers exchanger.
  • Easy YouTube Subscribe/Likes/Dislikes/Comments/Fav exchanger.
  • Easy YouTube views exchanger. (Auto-Surf)
  • Easy Websites Hits exchanger. (Manual-Surf)


  • Get Paid $0.003 per Facebook like, Twitter follow, Google Plus or Traffic Hit!
  • Low $1.30 minimum PayOut
  • Get 0.01 signup bonus
  • Get 10% of your referrals with unlimited refers.
  • PayPal & AlertPay/Payza & OkPay supported
  • NO need to deposit to Start Earning!


  • Twitter Tweet Likes Functionality Added.
  • Pay Outs Increased by 25%. (new)
  • SoundCloud Likes & Follow are now available. (new)
  • MySpace Connections functionality is introduced. (new)
  • Reverbnation Followers functionality is added.
  • New Small Jobs section is added.
  • Pinterest functionality added. You are now able to Like, Pin and Follow.
  • RSS feed to supply automatic likes, G+ and Tweets added for all you content automatically.
  • New Referral System: Get 10% Points of each referral coins!

  • For Support & Suggestions : [email protected]